Meet the Myth, the Man, the Legend

Welcome to the digital dojo of Eqbal, also known as Eki, the only coder who doesn’t debug, but stares down the bugs until the code confesses. Born in 1983, the year that witnessed the advent of the internet and me – coincidence? I think not.

From wrestling with complex algorithms to deploying scalable systems, my journey isn't just about changing locations from Jordan to various tech hubs around the globe—it’s about transforming the digital landscape one line of code at a time. I've architected solutions that didn't just meet client expectations; they won them over completely.

Why am I like Chuck Norris, you ask? Well, when I push a commit to GitHub, it doesn’t just merge; it gets a standing ovation. Dive into my world where coding meets creativity and every challenge gets a high-kick of innovation.

My Tech Wizardry

Disclaimer: I once wrote a book on Ruby 5.0; it’s sealed in a vault until Matz can verify its prophecy. But here's what I do in the real (and virtual) world:

Web Development & Design

Tackling real-world problems with a mix of Ruby (RoR, Sinatra, Grape), Python, and JavaScript, infused with responsive HTML5 designs for an engaging user experience.

System & Solution Architect

Designing robust, scalable solutions with a cloud-first approach, utilizing AWS and Rackspace to craft architectures that support exponential growth.

Tech Consulting & Strategic Leadership

Offering expert advice and leadership to steer companies through digital transformation and tech innovation, crafting strategies that lead to sustainable growth and competitive advantage.

Robotics, ML & Computer Vision

Pushing the boundaries of automation with advanced machine learning and computer vision techniques to create smarter, autonomous systems. Check out my Nanodegree profile for more details.

Blockchain Engineering

Developing cutting-edge blockchain solutions, including custom cryptocurrencies and smart contracts that redefine how data is transacted.

Data Science & Analytics

Harnessing data to uncover patterns, make predictions, and guide decision-making processes with state-of-the-art data analysis techniques and machine learning models.

My latest work

All my work

Certifiable Genius at Work

* Self-Driving Car Engineer Nanodegree

Who said cars needed drivers? This nanodegree from Udacity proves I'm on the fast track without needing a steering wheel. Dive into my Udacity profileand, check out my certificate if you want to see what a road-ready programmer looks like.

* Probability - The Science of Uncertainty and Data

Thanks to MIT and edX, I can calculate the odds of success, and guess what? They're looking good. This course had me crunching numbers like Pac-Man crunches dots.


Cisco Certified Network Associate - because my networking skills aren't just limited to social events.

* CCNP Routing and Switching

As a Cisco Certified Network Professional, I don't just navigate the network; I make it work harder than a coffee-powered programmer on a deadline.

* Toptal Community Leader

Leading the tech scene in Jordan and Lebanon, because even tech communities sometimes need a hero without a cape.

* Toptal Global Mentor

Mentoring for Toptal across the globe—turning the dial up on diversity and dialing down on discrimination in tech.

Posts and Publications.

* Mrsool Delivers Anything, Anywhere with AWS

Mrsool is one of Saudi Arabia's fastest-growing startups, with the on-demand ... That's why Mrsool went all-in with Amazon Web Services (AWS) from day one.

* Creating a Cryptocurrency in the Crystal Programming Language

This post is my attempt to understand the key aspects of the blockchain by exploring the internals using Crystal programming language. I felt the only way to truly understand the blockchain is by building a new cryptocurrency from scratch, which I dubbed it CrystalCoin.

* TopTal Blog: Ruby Concurrency and Parallelism: A Practical Tutorial

Thorough and practical intro to concurrent and parallel programming in Ruby. Read about forking, multithreading, the Global Interpreter Lock (GIL), and more.

* Build Sleek Rails Components With Plain Old Ruby Objects

In this article, I'll explains how you can decouple and isolate your Rails components using nothing Plain Old Ruby Objects. Ruby objects and abstractions can decouple concerns, simplify testing, and help you produce clean, maintainable code

* TopTal Broadcast: Ruby vs. Python

I was the host for this awesome debate as I asked top developers to discuss the differences and similarities between Ruby and Python.

* Ruby Best Practices and Tips by Toptal Developers

This resource contains a collection of Ruby best practices and Ruby tips provided by our Toptal network members. As such, this page will be updated on a regular basis to include additional information and cover emerging Ruby techniques. This is a community driven project, so you are encouraged to contribute as well, and we are counting on your feedback.

* Ruby Tips and Best Practices (Cookpad)

Few Ruby tips I learned reading the PR previews and comments from my colleagues at Cookpad.

* AweLand: How a Country Ought to Be Governed by Weighted-Democracy (Ruby)

In this article I design my dream country using the language I like the most Ruby. I propose using weighted democracy, blockchain technologies and more.

* AweLand: How a Country Ought to Be Governed by Weighted-Democracy (non-programmers)

In this article I propose to use weighted democracy, blockchain technologies and more to build the perfect country.

* AweLand: How a Country Ought to Be Governed by Weighted-Democracy (Global Challenges Foundation)

The submitted version of the paper for The Global Challenges Foundation.

What my clients say


Seteve Jobs, the CEO of Apple Inc

I gave a simple task for Eki few years ago, which was to create a device for everything else but calling people, and just in a few weeks Eki came up with the first prototype of iPhone. Smart ass


Robert De Niro, American actor

I've had a very interesting life. I've been a taxi driver, a boxer, a mafia boss, a low-ranking member of the mafia, a soldier in Vietnam, a comedian, the Devil, and an air conditioning specialist. I owe all that to Eki.


Bin Laden

We were trying to catch that infidel Eki, this guy was born an infidel.


Chris C. Kemp, The CTO of NASA

This is a top secret information. The truth is that Eki was the main creator for E=MC². Hail the king.

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