Who Am I

Nice that you found your way to my online playground. My name is Eqbal, and my friends call me Eki.

The year 1983 is known as one of the greatest years ever, and guess what, that’s the year he was born.

After many unsuccessful attempts to find a real programming challenge, he decided to leave his hometown and conquer the world. He packed all his rubies, and started his journey.

Born in Jordan, and ya it is located in middle east but don't worry he does no explosives, Anyway he is living in Lebanon now, it is a nice place, you have to visit it someday if u didn't before.

His squid-like head is a masterful problem solver and inspires fear in who gaze upon it. I can bring world domination to your organization.

* I just joined Toptal as a Ruby on Rails Engineer.

* Book a session on Codementor. I am a codementor

What I do Exactly

Well, when I'm not busy chasing flying blue monkeys, or saving the world, I like to spend some private time with my imaginary friend Gabriella.

Here some of the achievements I made the past few years: Master in 17 types of martial arts, UFC Champion, Was the hidden factor for Spartacus win over Persian, Designed Ironman's helmet holographic display, Reported the weather forecast in Jordan TV, Published the main theses for standard consumption of alcohol consumption in the Middle East and a paper of why old TVs are better than wildscreen TVs, Created the magic mirror for Snow White (Non-disclosed agreements), Ate few boring people when I was a Zombie, and more ..

Back to reality, here is what I really do:

Web Development and Design

I like to solve real world problems using open source technologies. Among my favorite tools, Ruby (ROR, Sinatra, Grape, and Simple Rack Apps), RDBS and NoSQL DB, HTML5 with Responsive designs, jQuery, RubyMotion, Objective-C, Python (Django), Erlang and Node.js.

System & Solution Architect

Among my favorite tasks, is to design scalable solutions, most of the time OOP solutions, and I like to design the infrastructure as well. I love to use Clouds (specially AWS and Rackspace) which will allow you to focus more on your business and can scale easily.

Mobile Development

I love to develop native iPhone and Android solutions using MVC Cocoa for iOS, Java for Android and even RubyMotion for iOS. I can develop cross-platforms mobile apps using Accelerator, RhoMobile and PhoneGap. That's not to mention creating mobile friendly sites using (jQtouh + HTML5 + Responsive JS) just like this one.

Robotics, ML & Computer Vision

I'm a Nanodegree certified for Self-driving car program from Udacity. The program includes topics like, advanced Deep Learning, Controllers, Computer Vision, Vehicle Kinematics, Sensor Fusion, and Automotive Hardware. Check out my profile for more details.

My latest work

All my work

My Certificates

* Self-Driving Car Engineer Nanodegree

Self-driving cars are set to change the way we live with technology on the cutting-edge of robotics, machine learning, computer vision, and mechanical engineering. Check out my Udacity porofile for more infos.


Cisco Certified Network Associate.

* CCNP Routing and Switching

Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) Routing and Switching certification (passed two exams).

* Toptal Community Leader

International community leader for Jordan and Lebanon. Through hosting exclusive events, attending popular conferences and seminars, and crafting widely-shared quality content. The Toptal Leaders are the driving force in expanding the Toptal network by creating unique experiences and locating the most exceptional talent.

* Toptal Global Mentor

Technology has opened doors for many people around the world, but the opportunity hasn’t been equal for everyone. Many Toptalers know what this is like — plenty are self-taught and have created their own opportunities. Now, Toptal engineers from around the world are uniting with General Assembly’s Opportunity Fund to create the one of the largest global initiatives in history to help individuals from minority and low income backgrounds springboard their careers as professional software engineers.

Posts and Publications.

* TopTal Blog: Ruby Concurrency and Parallelism: A Practical Tutorial

Thorough and practical intro to concurrent and parallel programming in Ruby. Read about forking, multithreading, the Global Interpreter Lock (GIL), and more.

* Build Sleek Rails Components With Plain Old Ruby Objects

In this article, I'll explains how you can decouple and isolate your Rails components using nothing Plain Old Ruby Objects. Ruby objects and abstractions can decouple concerns, simplify testing, and help you produce clean, maintainable code

* TopTal Broadcast: Ruby vs. Python

I was the host for this awesome debate as I asked top developers to discuss the differences and similarities between Ruby and Python.

* Ruby Best Practices and Tips by Toptal Developers

This resource contains a collection of Ruby best practices and Ruby tips provided by our Toptal network members. As such, this page will be updated on a regular basis to include additional information and cover emerging Ruby techniques. This is a community driven project, so you are encouraged to contribute as well, and we are counting on your feedback.

What my clients say


Seteve Jobs, the CEO of Apple Inc

I gave a simple task for Eki few years ago, which was to create a device for everything else but calling people, and just in a few weeks Eki came up with the first prototype of iPhone. Smart ass


Robert De Niro, American actor

I've had a very interesting life. I've been a taxi driver, a boxer, a mafia boss, a low-ranking member of the mafia, a soldier in Vietnam, a comedian, the Devil, and an air conditioning specialist. I owe all that to Eki.


Bin Laden

We were trying to catch that infidel Eki, this guy was born an infidel.


Chris C. Kemp, The CTO of NASA

This is a top secret information. The truth is that Eki was the main creator for E=MC². Hail the king.

Contact me

Hamra Street, 245, Beirut, Lebanon.

+961 70 302282

+962 78 6453371